Nexus is in shambles, and the Realm is investigating. The party decides the best way to keep people safe is to move them to Denandsor. Amber convinces the people of the city that this would be a good idea, but they are unsure how to transport so many so far.

Amber finds a low-level official in an attempt to bribe them to keep Realm presence low. Takara sneaks into a building and finds info on the party, Realm plans, and some contact information.

The party investigates the drop-point they read about. Takara takes out the secretary headed to the meeting point, while Kai takes the man's place and makes the exchange successfully: a report on the state of Nexus for a tackle box full of incoming troop details.

The party then follows the spy while cloaked in the Coatl, Largo providing a swimming "boost" to the spy's boat to get the man to his destination more quickly.

When the spy reaches his headquarters, Takara sneaks in to investigate the high-level meeting. He overhears only a little about Lookshy's time-bubble being the remnant of the city god, before the man seems to get suspicious and ends the meeting.

Takara follows in his shadow, attacking once he's left the sight of the guards. Taking the spy prisoner (instead of killing him, for once!), Takara calls for Amber to have a little talk.

They work out an arrangement, basically instituting the Realm as peacekeepers of Nexus but nothing more, no control over the city or interference in their affairs.

The party next continues to The Heptagram Denandsor the Shadowlands Northwest of Nexus, in search of the Abyssals they had run into earlier. They come across one in a village hut, capture her, and bring her up to the Coatl for interrogation questioning.

They discover that she works for the Mask of Winters, and that she probably isn't as important as she says. They acquire the artifact fan (part of the pair of which Amber already had one) and the artifact rose they had seen her with before, and make sure she knows they can easily find and dispose of her whenever they wish.

Next they set out to speak to Ember about her part in the prophesy regarding the Juggernaut. She questions why she would choose to kill Juggernaut, and ponders whether this would help Lookshy.

The party and Ember travel to Thorns. Ember contacts Juggernaut to determine if Mask of Winters can read his mind. Since he can't, she informs him that is destined to kill him, and he is grateful.

Character Thoughts and ReactionsEdit

Followed by Session Thirty-Eight, The Crossroads Revisited

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