Tales from the Hard Side

Season 2 Augmented new year


Episode 8 | Bettitude

Cast of Charakters:

  • Drycon Gold, always hooked up to danger

Storyboard: Meant as a Thank-you-for-your-help-against-Toni Mike Squintano had a really easy assignment for Drycon this time. Gianni La Loggia, the banker of Don Vittacci, had lost one of his most trusted men Pedro to intensive care after a run-in with the rival Tong. Pedro was the personal bodyguard of Betty La Loggia, the eldest of three daughters.So until a replacement were to be found, Mike brought his "Mechanic" into the game. Drycon was supposed to help out and look after Betty for a day until another reliable man could be found as new bodyguard.

Betty seemed to be nice enough. A little skinny and tiny for her age but very polite and well-mannered. She goes to the very elite Thornfield College for IT and Communications, a private upper class school for the next Matrix genius generation. All day long the job was piece of a cake. When college ended Betty and Drycon went down to the computer labs where she showed him her newest net-game. Then they went home. Or so it seemed.

It was on the highway where Drycon realized that something had to be very wrong. To keep it short: The Chinese Army invaded the UCAS, stormed Chicago Megacity and a Cyborg killed Drycon at last. Drycon found himself lying on the floor sweating his suit and being completely disabled by dizzyness and cramps. Naturally it was evening by now and Betty was long gone while she kept Drycon hooked up on her deck "Bettitude" while he experienced one of the most intense new action-games on the market via Better-Than-Life mode.

In the end Drycon found Betty with her friends in a near Game Arcade. They went home, Betty faked nausea and told her father's chief of security, Vico Bratta, how Drycon helped her out all day long. Bratta thanked Drycon and just when he was about to leave in a hurry, Betty wanted to see him one last time. She admitted that she had illegally modified her deck "Bettitude" and Drycon had to get it back for her at all costs or she would be thrown out of college.

Heartbroken Drycon went back to school and talked the night shift guardian to fetch Betty's bag for him. In the morning he waited before the college when Betty arrived with her new bodyguard. She was happy to get "Bettitude" back and assured Drycon to show her new bodyguard some fun later the day.

Implications: Babysitting generally is easy. It's the kids who mean the big trouble. Betty might be a little devil but she is the sunshine to her father and possibly a jewel to Drycon's career.


  • 4 Karma points
  • Connection/ Vittacci Family: Drycon helped an important man. He got recognized for his own good.


  • BelniFore

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