Tales from the Hard Side

Season 2 Augmented new year


Episode 4 | RetroGenesis

Cast of Charakters:

  • Alexandra Bessier, bred for success, destined for hardship

Storyboard: It was another nameless mission against another nameless corporation where Alex went through the usual procedures: briefing room, study room, requisitions, penthouse leasure time, requisitions again, helipad, mission start. The job was easy enough where Alex was supposed to steal a golden figure and which happened to be a convenient chance to use her fledgling matrix skills. But it turned sour when the environment crashed and she awoke into another reality.

There she lay - naked, hairless, clueless - in some top secret cloning and training facility of a weapons developer called AKKON. Dead personell littering the floor and fire raging through the complex Alex made her exit from certain death by climbing through a ventillation shaft until she emerged into a forest near Chicago Megacity. The only sign of the anonymous assaillants was a van fastly disappearing on his way into Megacity. Luckily enough Alex found at least some decent clothing, a flack vest and a submachine gun with spare ammo. And so she made her way into the city which lay before her.

Implications: As Episode 01 Neogenesis suggested, another clone modell Ice-H modell 01, rescued by Emanuel Roose Ice-H modell 03, survived the attack on the mysterious cloning complex. Since we learned at first about 9 different clone types, from whom only modell 01 (infiltration modell) and 03 (combat infantry modell) have been left over. In the virtual environment Alex worked for a small and specialized arms research company called AKKON. This hint could mean that the company which is responsible for the cloning facility could very well be the former giant and now much smaller weapons research group. Although at the moment AKKON concentrates on energy weapons design, it could be concluded that the company makes its first steps on new old terrain: creating perfect soldiers.


  • 4 Karma points
  • some ammo and one cheap shotgun


  • MaWelt


  • Psychosis unplugged: The older version of Bessier was known to be mentally unstable and prone to fits of cruelty and sadism. The new modell seems to lack the faible for killing and concentrates more on efficiency and stealth. Just a lucky happenstance or an indicator that brain reprogramming has evolved a lot in the last years.

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