Tales from the Hard Side

Season 2 Augmented new year


Episode 1 | NeoGenesis

Cast of Charakters:

  • Emmanuel Roose, genetical wildy advanced super-human

Storyboard: Just when he is dreaming about his life from 20 years ago Mike Roose awakens into a clone tank and observe how an Orkish warrior tries to plant a bomb to his feet. Emmanuel, as he seems to be called now, breaks free from his tank and fights his way out of a mysterious facility where 8 other individuals are to be cloned.

Implications: All remains mysterious but some fog clears after Emmanuel's flight from the cloning facility. Although Emmanuel has the memories of some Mike Roose, a black-ops-deux-ex-machina-supersoldier created in the year 2050, he seems to be a unique individual recreated on the genetical and mnemonic information of this Mike Roose but memory transfer seems incomplete. The year is 2070 and Emmanuel's memories range from 2050 to 2055. He does not now what has become of his former self after that. Emanuel seems to be the fruit of a project called Ice-H. This project seems to follow an original, daring project of now gone mega-concern AKKON's security division ISA whichs object was to rapidly create supersoldiers for intercepting another project, catastophingly gone awry while experimenting with Metahuman-Genomes. In the original ICE-project only two individuals, biogenetically grown and wide-off-scale-cybered-up warriors, were stable. Although not entirely without flaws project ICE was deemed successfull and in the year 2070 yet another anonymous organisation went along and rebuilt this project on advanced technology. Now this clones do not need any cyberware anymore; they are pure breed genetical supersoldiers with elite-military reflexes, skills and tactics. Now it is called ICE-H which stands for ICE-Human (meaning a perfect synthesis between ICE-cloning-standards and human-being) as well as ICE-Age (meaning that this project heralds a new age of warfare). Although project ICE-H is undoubtly an advance in cloning and worth its investments, the projects gets sabotaged by Shadowrunners and gang members who infiltrate the facility kill everyone inside and leave with an explosion which sends ripples across the Michigan See, next to where the facility was situated. And although Emmanuel Roose rescues another ICE-H-subject, a woman called Alex Bessier, from certain death by overmedicamentation in her clone tank, he has to leave her behind and flees alone into the night, supposing that he's the only survivor of this attack.


  • BelniFore

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