Tales from the Hard Side

Season 2 Augmented new year


Episode 10 | Wild Thing I - Ways of the Land

Cast of Charakters:

Storyboard: After three months of going for the lowlife and earning little cash by hard labor it came as a mild surprise when his colleague Drycon Gold arranged a Shadowrun for him. Dr. Gunnadottir, a corporate lady, needed evidence and reconnaissance and it was worth quite some money to her. So Emmanuel took the job and began preparations. Gunnadottir promised 20.000 Nuyen beforehand and further 10.000 Nuyen after successful completion. With a good word of Drycon Emmanuel was from now on allowed to use the services of Larry Lakshmee, exile-Indian, bar-owner and most renowned fixer in the district.

Larry Lakshmee charges 30% brokerage fee for standard goods, 50% for regulated goods and 100% for military goods. Used goods lower the fee by 10%. This fees also apply to selling of goods.

Emmanuel needed a chemical sealed body armour and survival gear. With Larry's costly help Emmanuel can acquire a Militech full body armour wasteland edition. It is pure luxury but will be the minimal requirement for the Sober job. According to Dr. Gunnadottir Sober is infested by cannibalistic plants who use airborne halluzinatory drugs on victims. And then there is also tight security to be expected.

With preparations done Emmanuel took a ride with a Troll trucker who took him to Pasaquosa Highway Station where he went by foot the rest of the way. His first night Emmanuel slept in a burnt-out cars shell and woke up witnessing a spider invasion swarming all over his body as well as a spider as big as a huge dog chasing him. with two precise shots, he killed the monster, cleared his baggage of arachnids and went on. The rest of the way he went at night along the street, hiding before motorized travellers and beeing chased for kilometers by a wild dog packed. Heavy rain added to the strain of the travel and when after 200 kilometers Emmanuel arrived the road to Sober at last he was quite fatigued.

A quick ambush by female Elven bow-adepts turned into an advantage when they both found out that they had the same destination. And when the light clothed Elves learned about the dangerous plants they made a deal with Emmanuel. He should take pictures about a meteor impact site near Sober for them and they would take him back to Chicago with their air glider. Mike agreed and made himself ready for infiltration.

Implications: Contacts and reputation are everything in the shadows. This is one of the first lessons Emmanuel learned the hard way. The second lesson was that with big money come big trouble. Shadowruns are the fastest way to get rich and faster still to get killed.


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