Pathfinder Society Scenarios in Myra Adventures Edit


Example:PF 6/05

PF SocSc 6/05: Slave Ships in Helion Edit

Accept that the Inner Sea of Pathfinder is the Green Sea of Karcanon and you're halfway there. The "Isle of Kortos" makes way for the Isle of Rillanon, the great metropolitain trading city of Absalom becomes the Free Trading City of Helion, and one change you need to be aware of is that this is not the home of the Grand Lodge of the Pathfinder Society. This Society makes way for the Guild of the Dreamknights, which has its main seat also on the Green Sea, but its "Grand Lodge" is the castle of Iridistra, near the coast of the mainland, not too far from the Imperial City of Chalkis, home of the new empire. Absalom/Helion is for traders and whie it might be protected by the Emperor and the Dreamknights in name, this might preclude invasions, but does not pertain to rot from within.

Slavery has been abolished in the empire, while the Scarlet Brotherhood (Link in German), the pirate state which in earlier decades ruled the Green Sea from Helion, had benefited from it. There you have the outline of the plot and can use the module...

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