Enter the JuggernautEdit

  • Party enters Juggernaut and Takara pokes a zombie maggot.
  • Party is chased by maggots
  • Party enters the manse that is powering the Juggernaut and re-establishes its connection to Carzia and family.
  • Party escapes to Yu-Shan via Calibration Gate

Sweet DreamsEdit

  • Somewhere in the East, the party comes across a manse, near a tree, in the middle of a lake, in a tree.
  • Tree was full of peaches which, when eaten, caused the eater to fall asleep and enter a sort of dream world.
  • Takara and Largo were the first to do this. They found themselves on a lone floating island with a peach tree. In the distance they could see another. They found means to reach it and, upon eating the fruit, Takara returned to Kai and Amber. Largo figured out that he should look to the sun and saw another island. He flew up to it. Takara, Amber and Kai joined him. Eating the fruit on this tree caused the party to enter a wooden hallway.
  • At the end of the hallway was a small room with a perfect rose at the center. When Kai looked at it through her mirror, it showed the face of an extraordinarily beautiful woman.
  • The party sniffed the rose and were taken to another dream area filled with riches. While all the real treasures had already been taken, the party attuned to the manse and forced the hearthstone (a stone of sweet rest?) to return.

A New Ally?Edit

  • The party then traveled northward to a massive cliff side with a cave in it.
  • Further inspection led to a great room. Meditation allowed for one to enter a great library. Takara randomly searched for anything interesting. He came across the Broken-Winged Crane. Upon reading it, shit went down.
  • Takara was able to gain the hearthstone. Largo insisted Kai should have it. Being Takara, he wanted to test its power first. He quickly realized that he had access to the Broken-Winged Crane and was able to communicate with "someone" who was keen on the rest of the party not knowing his existence. The party asked Takara what the stone did. Takara said, "It allows me to grow wings." Wings grew on Takara. He also said, "...and horns." Horns grew on Takara. Amber suspected Takara was not being truthful, but this proved a meaningless finding because Takara is often not truthful.
  • Takara has since asked many things of this new being which can be found HERE.

Character Thoughts and ReactionsEdit

Largo/Dean:Yay for inter-party strife! But seriously, Kai needs more hearthstones.

Takara: *is seriously have some moral dilemma*

Kurt: I agree that Kai needs more hearthstones, the only one I have not fitting me is the dream one? Followup: OMG, this thing is ridiculous.

Followed by Session Thirty-Three, The Rose of Thorns

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