The Sejkians, people ofthe Isle of Sejko, and Iotof are a people in the fantasy campaign setting [Emergalv] created in 2002 by Avian Savara.

Origins Edit

The Sejkians(originally Atnaxotjians) originated from Atnaxotja on the continent of Amyulef. They were colonists who landed on the Isle of Sejko and the large portion of land on Emergalv that they named Iotof. They came into contact with two other peoples during their migration. First, the Caeldi, with whom they waged a war for control of the northern island, and with the Myunfaeluk(later Noerban), with whom they allied to chase out the warlike Caeldi from Emergalv.

Sejkian Nations and Dialects Edit

Insular Sejkians Edit

Iotof Sejkians Edit

Sejko-Farians Edit

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