Sandrunners are pony-sized flightless birds that live in the Khaphtelan Waste.


Sandrunners stand five feet high at the shoulder, with shaggy, dun-colored feathers. Its legs are lean and muscular, and its feet are broad and flat, allowing them to dash over all but the most powdery sand, and long eyelashes protect its eyes from the sand. When running, sandrunners tend to hold their head straight out on a long neck.

While sandrunners roam wild across most of the Waste, they can be tamed and used as mounts - and they are favored mounts for Badlands dwarves because of their ruggedness (as they are more suited to the desert than ponies) and their size (which is just right for dwarves).


Sandrunners eat desert insects and plants, using its pointed beak to snatch at quick-moving prey, while its tough innards are able to handle even spiny cactus pads with ease.

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