The ranks of the Reydovan Military Body are based on the Starfleet system devised in the 2360s, but only the names are changed somewhat. The uniforms are based more on American Civil War-era officer's uniforms (with the two rows of buttons down the middle), and they are royal blue in color. A Marshal of the Reydovan Empire or a Grand Admiral may choose any style as long as it "looks military", and may also choose to wear white. Senior officers - usually above the rank of Commodore or Brigadier General, depending on the branch - may also choose to wear epaulets.

The Warmaster of the Reydovan Military Body usually holds the highest rank of the branch of service he/she is a member of. (This has also been the system with the Imperial Chancellery.) The current Warmaster is Marshal of the Reydovan Empire Jeremiah Neill.

Note: These rank images were devised by Steve Marriott, originally for the Star Trek PBeM roleplaying group Tango Fleet. Different background colors are available on his website.

The Imperial NavyEdit

The Imperial Navy uses a system very similar to that of the former Soviet Union. The highest rank attainable is Grand Admiral, and only the Emperor may give this rank.

Known Grand AdmiralsEdit

Flag Officers
Grand Admiral GADM RB-A000000
Fleet Admiral FADM RB-A00000
Admiral ADM RB-A0000
Vice Admiral VADM RB-A000
Rear Admiral RADM RB-A00
Commodore CDRE RB-A0
Line Officers
Captain First Rank CPT1 RB-00000
Captain Second Rank CPT2 RB-0000
Captain Third Rank CPT3 RB-000
Captain-Lieutenant CPT-LT RB-001
Senior Lieutenant LTSG RB-00
Junior Lieutenant LTJG RB-01
Sublieutenant SUB RB-0

The Imperial ArmyEdit

The ranks of the Imperial Army are based on the old style rank system of older militaries, including the military of the former United States, with one exception; the rank of Marshal of the Reydovan Empire, based on the rank Marshal of the Soviet Union. Like with the rank of Grand Admiral, only the Emperor may give this rank. There is usually only one Marshal of the Reydovan Empire at a time, but in the case of the current government (the Chancellor is an Army officer, as is the Warmaster) there may be two.

The PraetoriansEdit

The Reydovan Praetorian Guard is an elite corps of the Imperial Army, formerly known as the Palace Guard. They are the personal bodyguard and police force of the Imperial Family, and are stationed exclusively at the Imperial Palace. The Praetorians, despite being Army officers, answer only to the Emperor himself.

Known Marshals of the Reydovan EmpireEdit

Flag Officers
Marshal of the Reydovan Empire MotRE RB-GXXXXXX
Lieutenant General LGEN RB-GXXX
Major General MGEN RB-GXX
Brigadier General BGEN RB-GX
Line Officers
Colonel COL RB-Col
Lieutenant Colonel LTCOL RB-LtCol
Major MAJ RB-Maj
Captain CAPT RB-MCapt
First Lieutenant 1LT RB-1Lt
Second Lieutenant 2LT RB-2Lt

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