Crest of the Chancellor of the Reydovan Empire, with the name of the first Chancellor, Joshua Underwood, on the bottom.

The Reydovan Chancellor (full: His Excellency the Lord Chancellor of the Imperial Reydovan Empire) was the head of government for the Reydovan Empire from 2321 until the formation of the Greater Reydovan Imperium, which officially took place in 2407. The first Chancellor was Joshua Underwood, appointed on October 11, 2321, and held until 2380; the last was August von Spee, who held it from October 2406 until it was abolished on January 1, 2407.


The post was created specifically for Joshua Underwood in 2321 by Emperor Kiran Joshmaul I, in order to reduce the Emperor's workload in running the government. In March 2375, Joshmaul abdicated, and Underwood assumed the role of de facto head of state as well; following the temporary defeat of Artimus Devaneaux (who had claimed the throne for himself in October) on December 13, 2375, the Emperor's title was abolished, and the Chancellor became the official head of state as well as head of government. The Emperorship was restored in March 2376 with the ascendancy of Emperor Kieran Devaneaux I. In 2380, Chancellor Underwood resigned and turned it over to the Governor-General of Reydovan Prime, Alexander Ross. After Ross' death in 2403, it was vacant until the appointment of Marshal Neill.

The Chancellor was addressed by his title, or as "Your Excellency".

Coat of ArmsEdit

Designed by Chancellor Underwood himself, he preferred something simpler than the Emperor's, or than even his own family coat of arms. He chose a shield in the colors of the Empire, with two crossed hammers and the symbol of the Empire proudly shown on it.

Official PowersEdit

The Chancellor is the official head of the government of the Reydovan Empire, and also the chief judicial officer. He is the chief judge of the High Inquisitorate Court. Joshua Underwood had absolute power over all government, diplomatic and military matters, much as Kiran Joshmaul did as Emperor. Unlike Joshmaul, he used his power sparingly. The Chancellor is also the Emperor's chief diplomatic representative to other nations, and is responsible for aiding in the formation of treaties. The greatest of Underwood's diplomatic works was the signing of the Sirius-Absolution Accords in May 2376; his successor, Alexander Ross, laid the foundation for the Greater Reydovan Imperium (which was carried out by August von Spee). Even after Kieran Devaneaux became Emperor in March 2376, it had been said that Underwood held the true power in the Empire.


The title of Chancellor of the Reydovan Empire will be abolished as of January 1, 2407, replaced by Chancellor of the Greater Reydovan Imperium.

Reydovan ChancellorsEdit

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