Gathering the TroopsEdit

  • Party goes north to meet with the Icewalker Tribe.
  • Party sends Icewalkers to Yu-Shan via Calibration Key.
  • Amber creates a new holiday (Un-Calibration Day) and claims that the Icewalkers are there for the festival.
  • Repeat Steps 1-3, replacing "north" with "south" and "Icewalker" with "Desert Lion".

Wyld HarvestEdit

  • While in the South, Largo introduced the rest of the party to Aglet, a Fair Folk noble and old friend. He joins the party, much to the well-concealed chagrin of Fern.
  • Party visits the Bat people at the ziggurat of the sun.
  • Party hunts a wyld creature and sacrifices it at the ziggurat.
  • Party obtains several golden Pok... I mean, skulls.

Character Thoughts and ReactionsEdit

Dean/Largo: YAY AGLET!!!!

Followed by Reflections, Session Twenty-Five, The Rising of the Sunken City

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