Pirate's BargainEdit

  • Party went and talked to Atterum.
  • Atterum agreed to help if the party would help the Black Band again.
  • The party agreed.

Catching the Brass LeviathanEdit

  • The party headed out to the location of the Brass Leviathan's most recent sighting.
  • Aglet made a Wyld boat in order to get its attention. It worked.
  • Largo jumped into the Brass Leviathan's mouth and got stuck.
  • As the leviathan headed back to its base, the rest of the party tracked Largo and the leviathan.
  • Once the BL arrived at its base, the party (sans Largo) was attacked, and subsequently welcomed, by an Eclipse-caste Solar named Snakehunter.
  • Aglet makes another Wyld boat and with some timing and a little luck, get inside the BL's repair station.
  • The party partially dismantled the BL and freed Isli.
  • Later, in Yu-Shan, Isli was re-instated as the Western Arbiter of Storms, simply because the party, Snakehunter and Yurgen Kaneko voted. It was cool.

Luthe RisesEdit

Character Thoughts and ReactionsEdit

Followed by Reflections, Session Twenty-Six, The Battle of the Scarlet Sea

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