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General Info Edit

Name: Priceless Emerald Caste: Malefactor Concept: Corrupter of the Guild


Urge Turn the entire Guild to the worship of the Yozis


Attraction/Desire towards Circlemates

Attributes Edit

Mental: Social: Physical:
Perception: 5 Appearance: 5(6) Strength: 1
Intelligence: 4 Charisma: 5(6) Dexterity: 5
Wits: 3 Manipulation: 1 Stamina: 1

Abilities Edit

Mark Favoured with an X in the box in front of ability.

Archery: 0 Martial Arts: 0 Melee: 0 Thrown: 0 War: 0

X Integrity: 4 X Performance: 5 X Presence: 5 X Resistance: 1 X Survival: 1

Crafts: 0 X Investigation: 3 X Lore: 2 Medicine: 0 X Occult:5


Craft 1

Craft 2

Athletics: 0 Awareness: 2 X Dodge: 3 Larceny: 0 Stealth: 0

X Bureaucracy: 3 Linguistics: 1 Ride: 0 Sail: 0 Socialize: 1



Language 1: Old Realm

Language 2: Autocthonian

Specialties Edit

Occult: Yozi Worship

Occult: Mind Hand Manipulation

Performance: Speechcraft

Mutations Edit

Name Type Cost Book and Page
Vibration Sense Custom 10xp Scroll of Heroes 63
Entrancing custom 8 The House Rules

2 free floating points

Name Type Cost Book and Page

Backgrounds Edit


Demonic Patron:1 (Cecelyne)



Unwoven Coadjutator:5



Greater Curse: 5

Hearthstone: 4:Ice Gem, Tomb of Singing Blades

Hearthstone: 4:Bloody Eyed Burning Jewel: Tomb of Candle-Eyed Skulls

Hearthstone: 3: Stone of Easy Breath: Tomb of Ice

3 skinmount amulets

Priceless' Followers

Advantages Edit

Conviction:3 Compassion:5 Temperance:2 Valor:2

Virtue Flaw Urge of Cecelyne

Temporary Permanent
10 10

Temporary Permanent
Personal 21 21
Peripheral 65 75

Health Levels
Bruised -0 O
Hurt -1 O O
Wounded -2 O O
Crippled -4 O
Incapacitated O

Charms Edit

Cecelyne Charms

Name Type Cost Book & Page # Summary
General Charms
First Cecelyne Excellency Reflexive 1m per Die Infernals p105 Do as Cecelyne Does
Second Cecelyne Excellency Reflexive 2m per Die Infernals p107 Do as Cecelyne Does... more.
Effortless Cecelyne Dominance Permanent = Infernals p108 Each use of Excellency causes future Excellency discount
Cecelyne Yozi Body Unity Permanent = Broken Winged Crane Material and Immaterial at once
Cecelyne Mythos Exultant Simple = Infernals p107 Get motes & WP from stunt
Non-Combat Charms
Hellscry Chakra Simple 5m Infernals p118 See demons
Demonic Primacy of Essence Permanent Infernals p119 altered social with Demons
Penitents Like Scattereds Grains Simple 5m Infernals p120 Listen and respond to prayers
Temple Self Aptheosis Permanent =(1wp) Infernals p120+121 2x Cult Bonuses, cultists build intimacies, may heal
Transcendent Desert Creature Permanent = Infernals p121 Desolation benefits
Holy Land Infliction Simple 15m,1wp Infernals p125-126 Make Desert
Locust Mana Plague Simple 15m,1wp Infernals p126 Feed up to magnitude Essence People with delicious bugs, while subverting them.
Sand Slip Trick Permanent = Infernals p121 2x speed in Places of Desolation, unable to be knocked down in same, unless attack is magical
Sublimation of Ordained Purpose Supplemental 3m,1wp Infernals p120 Compel Demons and Gods to do their Jobs without worry to themselves or their panoply
Hell-Walker Technique Simple 20m,1wp Infernals p122 Travel to Cecelyne, Blasphemous in non-Desolation areas
Knowing the Desolate Heart Supplemental 3m,1wp Infernals 126 perfect perception of intimacies and social stuff, plus chance to know self percieved greatest failure
Combat Charms
Stone-Flayer Touch Supplemental 1m or 1m 1wp Infernals p122 hit immaterial or material beings and remove motes equal to damage dealt
Sands Through Fingers Defense Reflexive 3m Infernals p123

Perfect Dodge, weak to anything that hits immaterial

Soul-Sieve Transmutation Permanent =(5m,1wp) Infernals p123 Enhances Sands, enabling the user to remain dematerialized longer
Soul-Sand Devil Shintai Permanent = Infernals p123+124 Naturally Dematerialized, May materialize for (WP+ESSx5) motes
Sandstrike Blast Simple 1m or 3m(3m,1wp) Infernals p124 Blast of Sand, cheaper in area of desolation, more expensive when dematerial attacking material
Dune-Burst Onslaught permanent (5m) Infernals p124-125 Instead of blast of sand, explosion of sand in area Transcendent Desert Creature is immune.
World Grinding Sandstorm Devastation Simple 40m,2WP BWC massive(1 mile diameter) sandstorm attack, can mutate
Greater Shintai of the Endless Desert Simple 40m,3wp BWC 18-19 giant roving sandstorm combat
Dust Devil Feint Reflexive 3m IM 7 turn to whirling sand, move within ([Cult x 5] + Essence) yards
Wishing Charms

Verdant Emptiness Endowment

10m,1wp Simple Infernals p128 Grant Dots of Attribute, Ability, or Specialty in line with a spoken wish, with a hidden cost. can be used to train self.
Scoured Perfection of Form = Permanent Infernals p129 Endowment can grant mutations
Miracle Gift Mastery Permanent = IM #45 Enhanced wish granting, harder to resist
Gifts of Greater Glory permanent = BWC grant charms
Fine Print Bequest Permanent = IM 45 set conditions to endowment
Draught of Sweet Infinity Permanent = IM45 Heal with endowment, up to (Essence) non-Agg levels and or cripplings, cannot heal again till 5 days pass
As You Wish Permanent = Infernals p129 Endow and spawn locusts in response to prayers
Ordination of the Hourglass Permanent = Custom TDO Make people into priests/priestesses of Priceless' cult
Unnamed Charm Permanent +1m custom

endow more people at once

Palaces like Sandcastles Permanent = IM 45 exchange backgrounds.

She Who Lives in Her Name
Name Type Cost Book & Page # Summary
Factual Determination Analysis Reflexive 2m Infernals p130+131 Lie Detector
Essence Dissecting Stare Simple 3m Infernals p133 Essence Sight
Counter Conceptual Interposition Reflexive 5m Infernals p133 Perfect Parry
Mind-Hand Manipulation Simple 10m(comm) Infernals p134+135 TELEKINESIS! aka, I can kill you with my mind.
Unseen Force Application Permanent = Infernals p135 INVISIBLE telekinesis.
Principle Invoking Onslaught Supplemental 1m(+1WP) Infernals p135+136 Altered Mind Hand assaults and Clinches
Force Suppression Barrier Reflexive 4m Infernals p136+137 Telekinetic defensive screen, +essence to parry DV
Tool Transcending Constructs Permanent = Infernals p137 All purpose telekinetic tools, as well as basic workshop
Experimental Accelleration Mastery Permanent = Infernals p137

REALLY fast paperwork

Will Crushing Force Permanent = Infernals p137+138 Telekinesis can strike your mind
Ego Infused Pattern Primacy(x3) Permanent (2) Infernals p133+134 Shaping is automatically fixed(1 min interval or instant for 2m)
Wholeness Rightly Assumed x2 Permanent (3/5) Infernals P134 Regen damage with Ego Infused Pattern Primacy(instant for 3m bashing, 5m lethal

Ebon Dragon
Name Type Cost Book & Page # Summary
Loom Snarling Deception Simple (10 minus Essence)m Infernals p149 Ultra disguise
Eldritch Secrets Mastery Permanent = Infernals p149 Ultra Disguise 2.0
Name Type Cost Book & Page # Summary
Ecstatic Passion Kaleidoscope(x2) Reflexive 5m UMI Emotion Self For Bonuses, Switch for 5m
Extravagant Revelry Carnival Permanent (+1 WP) UMI Self can UMI Emotion others
Sky-Crisis Strike Simple 2m Attack with emotional weather, damage boosted by stunt
Vibrant Rainbow Chorus Simple 5m, 1wp Percieve dominant emotions, if resonates with intimacy or motivation, those bcome Obvious
Abundant Euphoria Apothecary Simple 1, or 10m,1wp create emotion drugs
Ersatz Adventure Imagination permanent = wyld mutations are temporary
Breath of Quicksilver permanent = (essence/2) automatic successes on wp regain rolls, can always make rolls even if dreaming would be blocked
Figments and Childish Things Simple 6m If beat MDV with (Manip+Presence) roll, control their senses, 2wp to resist


Name Type Cost Source Summary
A foot in two worlds Permanent N/A Custom Controlled mutation+ Graces and Wyld Stuff

Name Type Cost Source Summary
Wind-Born Stride Permanent = Infernals, P138 Faster, Better Dashing
Joy in Violence Approach Supplemental 1m Per succ Infernals P139 add succs to join battle if you are starting fight
Threat Monitoring Excitement Reflexive 1m Infernals P141 Surprise Negator


Name Type Cost Source Summary
Rainbow Passion Locust Permanent N/A Custom Alter Locusts to include what the user feels at the time
Howl of the Devil Tiger Perm BWC Make Excellency
Tempest of Inward Focus PErm BWC Redefine Anima banner
Flame of the Rising Pheonix perm BWC Create any Niet Charms Create Niet Caste
Face of the Titans perm BWC Set Urge to motivation, redefine torment
Spirit of hte Living Earth perm BWC Make youland


Name Type Cost Source Summary
Cecelyne Sorcerous Intitiation x3 Permanent 1/2/3wp Infernals Cast as Cecelyne
Slave spawn summon TCS 10m+ Infernals summon demons
Friend Vassal conscription CCS 20m+ Summon 2nd circle demon
Claiming Secrets from the Well SCS 50m Custom Make Behemoth copies from Well
All Commanding Oversoul SCS Summon 3rd circle demon or behemoth

Priceless Emerald

Name Type Cost Source Summary
1st Priceless Excellency Reflexive 1m/die custom Do As Priceless Does
AscendencY mantle of PE MORE ESSENCEImp
Impenetrable Diamond Ego Reflexive 1m custom Perfect defense against self doubt.
Basking in Reflected Brilliance Reflexive 1m custom Know how much people like you, but not how much they don't like you
Endlessly Admired Gemstone Permanent - Custom Those with less MDV than (Charisma) worship and admire you
Flawless Radiant Smile Supplemental 6m,1wp Praise is supernaturally awesome
Penance Imposition Supplemental 6m,1wp Punishment is supernaturally effective
Consuming Divine Wisdom Simple 10m/1wp Lasting Conditioning punishes disobedience and rewards obedience.
The Offensive Coal(x2) Supplemental 3m Detect offensive wrongdoing by Priceless' definition, depends on target's viewpoint, can be done in person, through priest, or through area
The Judgement of Diamonds Supplemental 7m,1wp Shape those known to be guilty, can tie into The Offensive Coal
Soot From Coal Supplemental 5m perfect investigation from evidence and offensiveness. adds essence succ to rolloff against perfect
Sapphire Insight Supplemental 10m Mug ST for clues

Combat Information Edit

Type Bashing Lethal Fatigue Mobility Penalty
0 0

Bashing Lethal Aggravated Hardness
5 4 0

Physical Dv
Dodge Parry
4 3/8/13

Social Dv
Dodge Parry
10 5

Horizontal Jump Vertical Jump Move Dash
2 1 5 11


Join Battle 9

Name Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Modifiers Book & Page Number
Punch 5 0 0B 3 Touch Exalted 2e 370
Kick 5 0 3B 2 Touch Exalted 2e 370
Clench 6 0 0 1 Touch Exalted 2e 370
Telekinetic Blow 5 16 5B 5 11 yards Infernals p135
Telekinetic Clinch 6 16 5B 1 11 yards Infernals p135
Telekinetic Blade 5 16 5L 5 11 yards Piercing Infernals p135
Bloody Eyed Burning Jewel 4 (wits+awareness roll) 8L 3 20 F Oedenol's p94

Backstory Edit

Priceless was born to a long line of Guild Merchants, the vast majority of whom were mid to high ranking. It was assumed she would follow in their footsteps, and much of her childhood was spent being prepared for this event, and, promisingly, she showed much promise at giving rousing speeches and bringing people's views in line with her own with such oratory. She eventually did join The Guild, as a minor merchant, and slowly began to climb the ranks, and finally had a shot at jumping to the rank of merchant prince, but the investment was risky, and she could just as easily end up ruined. She did not take the risk, and sat on the information that would have allowed the jump in rank. Not only did someone else capitalize on the investment, her caravan was held up by Outcaste brigands, and she again failed, this time in convincing them to take what she would offer them, and not all her goods. Forced to walk through the nearby woods to reach civilization.

Then she was approached by the Demon, and the offer made. In despair and her feelings of insufficiency, she accepted, and was enveloped by the Agata that bore her Exaltation. She emerged, bearing wings, and a crystalline carapace all over her body much like that of an Agata, and was greeted by her cult, who gushed about how blessed she was, and guided her off to her eduction in her new life.

Her education and time in Malfeas scoured away many of her preconceptions, and she emerged with a true vision for the world, a vision that rendered all as slaves, each with their own purpose and resposibilities, save those chosen to be the Yozi's hands. As a last step before returning to Creation, she struck a deal with the Ebon Dragon, offering future service, in return for information that would enable her to accelerate her attainment of the rank of merchant prince.

Since then, she has done much for the Yozi's service, most notably, beginning the corruption of The Guild, by turning those she worked with most commonly towards the worship of the yozis and herself. Meanwhile, the individual who had taken the investment she had shied away from, has seen her quick ascension, and begun doing anything in his power to prevent her from attaining more.

Physical Description Edit

Priceless emerald by awittyname

Experience Edit

Reason Change Current Total
Character Creation -200 0 200
Session 42 +4 4 204
Session 43 +5 9 209
Session 44 +6 -3 -8 4 215
Session 45 +4 8 219
Session 46 +4-18 -6 223
Session 47 +2 -4 225
Session 48 +4 0 229
Session 49 +3 3 232
Session 50 +3 6 235
Session 51 +4 10 239
Session 52 +5 15 244
Session 53 +4 19 248
Session 55 +4 23 252
Session 56 +4 27 256
Session 57 +5 32 261
Rebuilds +12 44 273
Session 58 +5 -8 41 278
Charm Snatching -24 17 278
Session 59 +3 20 281
Session 60 +3 23 284
Session 61 +4 27 288
Session 62 +5 32 293
Session 63 +5 37 298
Hegra Scene +3 40 301
Charm Grabbing -32 8 301
Session 64 +4 12 305
Session 65 +4 16 309
Session 66 +3 19 312
Pre-Session 67 -8 11 312
Session 67 +3 14 315
Session 67.5 -10+3 7 318
Session 67.75 +3 10 321
67.9 +4 14 325
68 +5 19 329
69 +5 24 334
between 69-70 -16 8 334
Session 70 +40 48 374
Session 71 +3 51 377
Session 72 -48 +4 7 381
Session 73 +3 10 384
Session 74 +4 14 388
Chapter Bonus +5 19 393
Yozi Body Unity -8 11 393
Session 75 +4 15 397
session 76 +4 19 401
Knowing the Desolate Heart -8 11 401
Session 76.5 +4 15 405
Session 77 +3 18 408
Session 78 +4 22 412
Session 79 +4 25 415
Session 80 +4 29 419
Chapter bonus +5 34 424
Session 81 +4 38 428
Session 82 +6-8 36 434
Session 83 +4 40 438
2 charms, willpower increase -28 12 438
Session 85 +10 22 448
Session 86 3 25 451
Session 86.1 +5 30 456
Session 86.2 +5 35 461
Passion Locust Rainbow -9 24 461
DRAAMAAA side session +5 29 466
Village Cult Session +4 33 470
3 charms and raised presence -33 0 470
Panda rage +5 5 475
palaces like sandcastles -8 -3 475
full town conversion +3 0 478
A-Team Ninja Town +5 5 483
Varsi Madness +4 9 487
Pills, baby, pills! -8 1 487
Circus Stuff 2 3 489
Stuff with Autocthonians +4 7 493
great forks stuff +2 9 495
courtroom stuff +3 12 498
Chapter bonus +5 17 503
fortress of doom +3 20 506
dolls, furniture, and balls +6 26 512
Adorjan Charms -30 -4 512
Kal Bax is a Bastard +5 1 517
More dbs +3 4 520
Sea of Mind +4 8 524
other stuff +6 14 530
A Priceless Statue


17 533
3 Hegra Charms -24 -7 533
ED discussions and stuff +4 -3 537
Chapter bonus +5 2 542
Talespinner stuff +3 5 545
Conception of the Car +3 8 548
Silver stuff +3 11 551
Story bonus 5 16 557
97 4 20 561
98 4 24 565
99 5 29 570
Chapter Break 5 34 575
100 4 38 579
101 4 42 583
102 4 46 587
Chapter Bonus 5 51 593
105 2 53 595
stuff 40 93 635
Stuff bought 90 3 635
Priceless+ Crow +4 7 639
Jomoru Sister +4 11 643
Priceless charms and sorcery -57 -46 643
XP Bump +39 -7 682
Horde Source +4 -3 686
Dawnstar and Gaia +4 1 690
XP adjustments +90 91 780
Ten Charms -80 11 780
XP Adjustments +70 81 850

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