On the Battle of the Gates

Thus, finally as all things came to pass, the fifth Age ended in deeds both valiant and foul, hope and sorrow, in myths unveiled and truths being shadowed: In the 10th year of the great war, the Master of the Blue Riders took the head of the armies of the Void and went forth to do battle for the mastery of the world.

Ancient Forces he called upon and forgotten beings - cast into the dungeons between the worlds by the allseeing Gods - heeded his summons and poured forth onto the world. The circle of the sky reeled and the gods turned their gaze away in anguish, even Ippgha the Keeper of the Light, and darkness primoderial covered the earth. The world was shaken to its foundations and those who served the Accursed were jubiliant.

Out of the nothingness they surged and their coming was like a winter-storm blotting out the light and withering alife all in its part, plunging the hearts of all valiant ones into despair. Out of the forgotteness between the worlds the swarmed - devilspawns long forgotten by men, unclean warriors by scores of ten of thousands, and Dragons and Worms of the Night.

And their assembled hosts covered all the fields of Caebaoth and bowed before the Master of the Blue Riders. And he smiled and his banner was unfolded - and it was sable and bore in blood runes of madness and decay. Against them stood arreared in battle the armies of men, circled around the golden standard of the Keeper of the Faith and the valiant warriors from beneath the mountains.

[Wer den Schwulst mag, soll fortsetzen - die gloriosen Taten von Maraborne , Gorth Wytr, Ivan Feenbart und Harascon seien damit an gebührendem Ort in Erinnerung gerufen... ;)] HaraScon 17:47, 2 May 2005 (UTC)]

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