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  • 1.1 - Enter Acreage: Team of Akolytes makes touchdown on the middle ages world Acreage. The agents roam through Emperor Island, Imperial landing zone on the planet, gain first impressions and are looking for the harbor for traveling to the main city Olrankan.
  • 1.2 - Oversea: Traveling on a boat and improving the equipment, the Akolytes have to cross an embargo zone around Olrankan. They fight their way through the ships and enter the city fast and silent.
  • 1.3 - Shadows of Olrankan: After a short and brutal incident in which the Akolytes execute a kid for his larcenous intentions, the team ventures deep into the city to find traces of ritualistic murders. The ongoing siege of Olrankan makes travel and investigations difficult. Nevertheless the Akolytes make it over the grand wall to one of the murderous sites where they find a grizzly scene of slaugther, cannibalism and possibly xenos-activity.
  • 1.4 - Drusian Knights and the White Lady of the Tower: While investigating the murder house the Akolytes make contact with agents of the Knightly Order of Saint Drusius. They are brought to a hidden headquarter where they reveal themselves as agents of the Holy Inquisition to Master of the Order Sir Engert and Lady Calahir, advisor to Baronesse Faratrish. They enter an uneasy alliance to stop an old evil and learn about a ruthless Xenos race called Slaugth who come every 100 years to feast upon the dead and the living.

Datalog of Tonus Ferreus

Day 1Edit

[Begin Log]

Day 2Edit

[Begin Log - 11:23]

[Begin Log - 14:16]

[Begin Log]

Day 3Edit

[Begin Log]

[Begin Log]

Day 4Edit

[Begin Log]

Day 5Edit

[Begin Log]

Day 6Edit

[Begin Log]

Day 7Edit

[Begin Log]



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