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This is the main page for the Layflat RPG group, primarily for the RPG Castle Falkenstein.

When adding pages and links for the campaign, please add a line that says {{Layflat}}. This is a template that adds boilerplate text to the top as well as adds the page to the Layflat Castle Falkenstein category, per the rpg.wikia's policy.

Game Concepts Edit

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

Dramatis Personae Edit

Cast of Characters Edit

Exit Stage Left Edit

Offstage Interactions

House Rules Edit

Links and Other Resources Edit

  • [1] - A good resource for the British Victorian Age
  • [2] - Screen Monkey, the online whiteboard software that we previously used for our games.
  • [3] - RPTools, the home of MapTool, which we currently use for our games.
  • [4] - The free VoIP program we use for our games.

Layflat Quotes - Various Quotes collected throughout our games.

Layflat Shadowrun - Our other campaign

Layflat Earthdawn - Our OTHER other campaign

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