House of Underwood

Ancestral coat of arms of the Underwood family.

Status: Former Holder of the Chancellery
Motto: Omnes arbusta juvant

(Latin: Groves delight all men)

Patriarch: Joshua Underwood
Established: 2296
Sphere of Control: Montagne Noire Province
Influence: Overwhelming
Reputation: Excellent

The House of Underwood is the second of the "First Three Families" of the Reydovan Empire. From 2321 until 2380, the House had been the holder of the Imperial Chancellery. The first and current patriarch is Joshua Underwood, who served as Imperial Chancellor for the entire period of the House of Underwood's control. He returned to Starfleet at the rank of Vice Admiral in 2384 - becoming the third person (after Kiran Joshmaul and Jeremiah Neill) to serve in Starfleet while remaining the legal patriarch of an Imperial house. Underwood retired in 2391, and serves as an informal advisor to both the House of Devaneaux and to the Federation government. He currently lives on Earth.

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