Welcoming CommitteeEdit

The party found itself on the edge of the Well of Oblivion itself. As the Whispers began closing in, Amber activated a powerful Charm from Silver-Voiced Nightingale style that surrounded the party with a protective silence. With Serentatis' help the party quickly navigated away from the most dangerous parts of Oblivion, hoping to avoid the Neverborn's full attention.

Before the party made it to safety, they were ambushed by a city block. They busted out using fire of various sorts. It got heartburn.

The party ran off into the tunnels of the underworld, hiding out as best they could.

They kept pressing onwards until they ran into a patrol of three warstriders. They smashed them, and an Abyssal named The Colorless Gaze dropped.

Character Thoughts and ReactionsEdit

Followed by Hell and High Water, Session Thirteen, The Unexpected Ally.

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