Joshua Underwood's flagship, the HRMS Stryker Annihilator, preparing to fire.

HRMS (His Reydovan Majesty's Ship) Stryker Annihilator is a Reydovan Imperial Navy Stryker Annihilator-class battleship, registered with the Reydovan Registration Code (RRC) 87219X. The Stryker Annihilator is commanded by Grand Admiral Joshua Underwood, and serves as his flagship for all of his campaigns. The design is based on the Hiigaran Strike Battlecruiser, created by the Modernization modding team as a refit of the Hiigaran Battlecruiser from the computer game Homeworld2.

Service HistoryEdit

The six-and-a-half-kilometer-long Stryker Annihilator was conceived as a larger and more heavily armed variant of the original design, and built at Imperial Outland Shipyards near Reydovan Prime in 2378. She was given to Underwood, then Chancellor, to allow him a larger, heavily armed and armored vessel to cruise the spacelanes. The Annihilator saw action in the brief Imperial Civil War, and was nearly destroyed in the course of that campaign. It was only the timely intervention of Reydovan-born Starfleet Marine Jonathan Ross that prevented that fateful event. After the Annihilator was repaired, she went immediately back to work on the frontlines, particularly against the Romulan Star Empire.

Propulsion, Armaments and Other FeaturesEdit

The Stryker Annihilator is slower and less maneuverable than vessels of the original design, such as the HRMS White Hunter. She possesses the latest Reydovan fold drive technology along with the backup warp drive systems. The Annihilator has the pulse turrets, quantum torpedoes and phaser cannons of the original design, but also includes several anti-fighter railgun turrets and two large plasma bomb launchers. The ablative armor hull plating and shield system is stronger than the original design, and the sensors are state-of-the-art. She can also carry twenty-five squadrons of fighters (250 ships) and at least 35 shuttlecraft.

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