Character Sheet Edit

Profile Edit

Name/Alias Gunna Gunnadottir
Lifestyle high (Oberschicht)
Player Name Gunna Metatype Dwarf Age 35
Sex female Total Karma 19 Current Karma 11
Street Cred 0 Notoriety 0 Public Awareness 0

Visuals Edit

Height 149 cm Weight 89 kg
Eyes grey-green Hair beige / light brown
Handedness right Complexion fair

Attributes Edit

Body 6 Charisma 2 Edge 1 Curr. Edge 1
Agility 1 Intuition 2 Essence 6 Astral Init 4
Reaction 1 Logic 5 Initiative 3 (9) Matrix Init 0
Strength 3 Willpower 7 Magic 5 Init Pass 1 (4)

Skills Edit

Active Skills Edit

Skill Name Rtg. Att. Skill Name Rtg. Att.
Biotech Skill Group 5 L Assensing 6 I
Electronics Skill Group 0 L Conjuring Skill Group 5 M
Dodge 0 R Sorcery Skill Group 5 M
Firearms 0 A Astral Combat 0 W
Perception 0 I Instruction 0 C

Knowledge Skills Edit

Skill Name Rtg. Att. Skill Name Rtg. Att.
L: English Nat. L L: Greek 3 L
L: Dwarven 2 L L: Latin 2 L
L: Sperethiel 2 L
History 2 L Occult 2 L
natural Science Group 2 L

Qualities + Flaws Edit

Quality Worth Type Quality Worth Type
Dwarf -25 Pos. Allergy (Plastic), mild +10 Neg.
exceptional Attribute (Will) -20 Pos. Combat Paralysis +20 Neg.
Magician -15 Pos. Sensitive System +15 Neg.
SINer (no criminal record) +5 Neg.

Damage Tracks Edit

Physical Damage Track -1 -2 -3 -4
Stun Damage Track -1 -2 -3 -4

Contacts Edit

Contact Name Contact Mileau Loyalty Connection
Uthar III. Ruhark Corporate CEO
Geronimo Gasper Private Eye

Implants, Cyberware, Bioware Edit

Implant Rating Essence Notes

Weapons, Armor, Vehicles, Equipment Edit

Weapons, ranged Edit

Weapon Damage AP Mode RC Ammo
Light Pistol

Weapons, melee Edit

Weapon Reach Damage Ammo

Armor Edit

Armor Ballistic Impact Notes
Actioneer Business 5 3
Armor Jacket 8 6
Lined Coat 6 4
Helmet +1 +2

Vehicle Edit

Vehicle Handling Accel Speed
Pilot Body Armour Sensor

Commlink Edit

Commlink: Erika Elite
Response: 3 System:
Firewall: 3 Signal: 4

Equipment Edit

Name Legality Weight Notes
Biometric Reader
Satellite Link
Sim Module
Subvocal Micro
Medkit Rating 6
Sustaining Spellfocus (Healing) 4

Spells Edit

Name Group Type Range Duration Drain
Manabolt (P) Combat Mana LOS Instant 0
Stunbolt (S) Combat Mana LOS Instant -1
Heal Healing Mana Touch Permanent -2
Increase Reflexes Healing Physical Touch Sustained +2
Resist Pain Healing Mana Touch Permanent -4
Stabilize Healing Mana Touch Permanent -2
Levitate Manipulate Physical LOS Sustained +1
Magic Fingers Manipulate Physical LOS Sustained +1

Money Edit

current funds 8250
Activity nY
hiring Gasper & Mike -1000
"bribes" for info -450

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