Flag of the Governor-General of Reydovan Prime.

The office of Governor-General of Reydovan Prime is the most powerful civilian office in the Reydovan Imperial government, superceded only by the Reydovan Chancellor. The Governor-General is the leader of the government of the entire Reydovan system, in addition to Prime itself. The Governor-General's office is located in the Citadel of the Chancellor in Montagne Noire, though he reports directly to the Emperor.

When the office was created in 2296, the Governor-General was appointed by the Emperor and held that office until he either resigned, died in office or was impeached. It was first held by Joshua Underwood from 2296 until his appointment as Chancellor in 2321. Upon Underwood's departure, Emperor Kiran Joshmaul I decreed that a special election would be called upon the death, resignation or impeachment of a Governor-General, allowing the people of Reydovan Prime to choose their leader for themselves; however, the office is still held for life.

The current Governor-General is Dr. August von Spee, a Baron from Icecrown Province elected on October 1, 2406, from the Council of Nobles; the previous holder of that office was Alexander Ross, who ruled Reydovan Prime for 29 years, from 2351 to 2380 before he was elected Imperial Chancellor, surpassing Grand Duke Vladimir Tscholivosky's record (2321-2350) by one week.

List of Governor-Generals as of 2376Edit

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