Innocence proves nothing.

Inquisitor Gallowglass is a young and struggling Inquisitor leaning towards the holy Ordos Xenos and Hereticus. Shortly after becoming Interrogator, Gallowglass is said to have suffered cruel tortures and rituals in the hands of heretics. Since this time he is known to wear a black glass mask crafted by the Brotherhood of Mars. Quite unique is also his gigantic physis; nearly being as huge as one of the Space Marines and often seen in his Powerarmor, Gallowglass strikes fear into the hearts of common folk and lesser peers.

Gallowglass is a very patient person, coldly calculating and soft spoken. Not much is known about his past but that he grew up in a warrior clan on the very planet, he named himself after. Since becoming Inquisitor he has built up a huge network of spies and counterspies like a grand chess game. The death of a human being seems to move him little, but a proven few of his closest acolytes have earned a close place to his heart.

Although every lead of corruption is being followed by the young Inquisitor, his foremost target are cultists, heretics and Chaos in all its ruinous forms. Gallowglass has been known more than once to cross borders into the fields of competences of the other Ordos. Whereas Inquisitors from Ordo Malleus seem to have no problem with this attitude, Inquisitors of Ordo Xenos do not take these transgressions lightly. In his peer Gallowglass is seen as an ambitious and enduring upstart.

Inquisitorial StatusEdit

Inquisitorial Designation: Gallowglass

Field Status: Active

Ordo Tendencies : Hereticus

  • Ordo Hereticus (60%)
  • Ordo Xenos (30%)
  • Ordo Malleus (10%)
  • Other (0%)

Influence Rating: 34


Season Zero Assassins Path

--> Chapel of the Ancients - Mission Archive of Inquisitor Gallowglass

Season One The Gallowglass Conspiracy

Timeline 40k SANDMEN-v4

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  • 4 As The Dust Gathers : Where the Imperium of Man has no sway, nothing can be taken for granted. And even the Inquisition will humbly tilt its head, when rules are negligible and the legacy of an Inquisitor follows their Acolytes' footsteps.

  • 5 Accelerando
    • 5.alpha Omniphage: Is it just coincidence, is it the first rear of heresy or is it a most cleverly introduced intrigue? A faulty warp signal is caught up from Tonnar, the Machine-God world and Acolytes are sent to investigate under the guise of Adeptus Arbites into a world of crime and mystery.
    • 5.beta Greentide: One world just cannot hold it back. Acolytes are sent on a maximum danger mission deep into enemy territory under high volatile cover identities. Their mission: to infiltrate society and investigate the true dimensions of Xenos infestation as well as finding the source of it.
    • 5.gamma Bonusmission "The Forgotten"  : One asset, one man, one mission - after suddenly a long forgotten transmission is answered, Gallowglass "himself" comes looking.

The Holy Retinue of Inquisitor GallowglassEdit


Reconstructed Insignia of Cathleen Frost as seen on Granithor by Sirhan and Kerensky

Leaders of the RetinueEdit

  1. Inquisitor Armarian Gallowglass
  1. Interrogator Mordechai Aaron Sagisville (Adept): Master of the Unseen Workers of Information and Intrigue
  2. Interrogator Quintilla Drusa (Soldier): Lady-General Militant of the Forces of Holy Retribution
  3. Interrogator Cathlenn Frost (Psyker): Savant-Mistress Advisor of the Will of Thousands - missing (archive files locked by Inquisitorial orders)


  • Congretation of Blissful Ignorance: strategics, logistics, politics, research
  • Seers of the Light of Terra: communications, logistics, research
  • Sisters of the Needle: assassination and extraction missions
  • Claws of War: heavy combat missions, retinue fundsraising (archive files locked by Interrogator Sagisville)
  • Iron Purpose: investigative missions, team missing (archive files locked by Inquisitorial orders)
  • The Sandmen: investigative missions
    • Eight-Folded Veil: Scions of Armarian, Heart of the Gallowglass Conspiracy

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Ordo MalleusEdit


This are the House Rules for 40K Starship Battles (based on W40k Roguetrader, Battlefleet Gothic and Star Wars: X-Wing).

  • Path of Holiness light cruiser: flagship of Inquisitor Gallowglass
  • Manthis I small frigate: piloted by Acolyte Lithia of the Sisters of the Needle
  • Faraway III frigate: Vessel of Rogue Trader Lucius Crest, mainly used for secret missions of the Sandmen Retinue
  • Beast of Burden corvette: Old, shabby Transport corvette, regularily used for restocking of food and necessities of the Fortress. Is completely run by Machine Spirits and Servitors. Due to a longterm contract with the Agriworld of Ultares nearby, the ship is restocked automatically when it arrives on a no-questions-asked basis.



Trade CartelsEdit

Banking ClansEdit

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Visited regionsEdit

  • Scintilla; Hive World, political center of Segmentum Obscurum
    • Hive Sibellus, huge and degenerate, central Hive. Home of the rich and powerful.
    • Hive Tarsus, huge desert-Hive and trade center of Scintilla
    • Ambulon, Hive-like city constructed around an ancient, ever-walking xeno-technical behemoth
    • Gunmetal City, wild city built into an ancient crater
    • Scintilla Orbitory, Geostationary city-station above Hive Tarsus
  • Josian Reach
  • Hazeroth Abyss
    • Sheol XVII; Sheol 17.beta "The Hold", Prison World
  • Golgenna Reaches
  • Koronus Reach
    • Port Wander; Grand Space Port and Imperial Guardian of the Maw

The EnemyEdit


  • Temple of the Dark Patriarch: Mysterious cult with a temple in the underhive of Gunmetal City (Scintilla). Somehow involved in illegal drug trafficing at Sheol17.beta (The Hold).
  • The Logicians : Dangerous cult of hereteks and Archeotech seekers. Deep rooted, ruthless and very influental.


  • Eldar: The dying folk is one of the more elder and advanced races of the known galaxy. The Inquisition knows of two eldar craftworld sightings in the Segmentum Obscurum and strongly suspects that the Eldar have a special connection to this part of the galaxy. It is also suspected that the Eldar have more than once mingled in the affairs of Men and in the machinations of the Inquisition especially. Some Inquisitors go even as far as to accuse certain factions in the Inquisition to have regular contact to this xenos race.
    • Elue'adril (Lady Calahir, The Lady of the White Tower)
  • Dark Eldar: The sinister and feared line sharing the same roots as the Eldar. As enigmatic as Eldar but a thousand times more capricious and untrustworthy this race is rightly distrusted and feared by other civilizations. Although on the first glance they look quite similar to their brethren, in truth they share little but their history in common.
    • Dracon Ynth'oras (Leader of the Coven of the Silent Cry)
  • Orc: A wild race born for war and dangerous in numbers. It can quickly grow from a minor barbaric nuissance into a highly technological advanced and spacefaring pest. An orc tribe somehow managed to settle on Sheol17.beta, also known as The Hold, and is now in battle with mutants and gangers on this planet.
  • Slaught: An advanced race which has mastered necromerging, the science of combining the living, the dead and the machine. After millennia of relentless persecution by the Eldar, it is now a dying race with only few isolated cabals left. Or so it seems.
    • Cult of the Tears of Hurun (Acreage)
    • Church of the Falling Stars (Acreage)



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