Scholar und Lehrer in den Artes Liberales

Kay Eriya / Silberschein / Mutualis

Character SheetEdit

Magister Erast

Experience Points: 0/0 (64/32)
Date of Birth Age Nationality Race Size Confidence
21 Nevweh 4789 25 Turmaras, Kallis Human 1.78m 3


Int Per Str Sta Pre Com Dex Qui
+2 +1 0 0 +2 +1 0 -1

Virtues and FlawsEdit

Virtues Flaws
Educated (Minor) Heir: XX(Minor)
Privileged Upbringing (Minor) Weakness: Pretty Women (Minor)
Wealthy (Minor) Higher Purpose (Minor)
Good Teacher: von Kael (Major) Oath of Fealty(Major)
Magister in Artibus (Major) Vow: Fight for the ideal of universities (Minor)


Stand: Winter 4813/14

Ability Speciality Score Exp
Area Lore Tillow 2
Area Lore Turmaras 2 4
Area Lore Silberschein 3 (30)
Artes Liberales - 6 (30)
Charm Women 1 3
Etiquette Nobles 3
Guile Storytelling on the fly 1
Intrigue Finding irregularities and flaws 3 (15)
Kol'abaha Lore History 1
Language (Aisylian) Grammar 6
Language (Kornacham) Dialects 5
Language (Khezadan, Dwarfish) Famous works and books 4
Language (Kryenen) poetry 4
Language (Old Aisylian) Poetry 6
Language (Ereldarim) Poetry 3
Language (Sindarin) dialect of Lessarelin 3
Medicine Diseases 2
Philosophiae - 6
Ride Long Distance Travel 2
Single Weapon Longsword 2
Swim Diving 2
Teaching Languages and Grammar 6 14

Personality TraitsEdit

Personality Trait Score Reputation Score
Friendly +2 Good Teacher (Kallis, University of Tillow) 0

Combat Statistics and WoundsEdit

Combat StatisticsEdit

Weapon Initiative Total Attack Total Defense Total Damage Total Soak Total
Fists -1 0 0 -1 0
Knife -1 +2 0 +1 0
Longsword +1 +7 +3 +5 0


Decreptitude and WarpingsEdit

Decreptitude Score Warping Score
0 0
Effects of Aging Effects of Warping
none yet none yet


Aufgewachsen mit Belnifore.

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