Profession: Nobleman/Professional Gambler

Appearance Edit

His standard uniform would be a somewhat foppish red outfit with black gloves and boots and a wide-brimmed red hat. His face is covered by a red silk veil attached to a slitted ivory half-mask that covers his nose and mouth (it hides some really gruesome missing bits and helps support the prosthetic jaw). He will, unless forbidden, carry a quality fencing blade and a brace of dueling pistol at all times. He may wear a black velvet cloak or cape as the situation warrants.

Abilities Edit

Mastered Ability: Marksmanship

  • Charisma (Poor): Hoarse speaking voice, abrasive attitude, generally creepy.
  • Comeliness (Poor): Face and body scarred, partial prostheic face. Often wears a mask.
  • Connections (Poor): Hung out to dry after faking his death.
  • Courage (Good): Accustomed to pain, unafraid of dying.
  • Education (Good): Speaks French, German, Latin.
  • Fencing (Excellent): Five years of intense training with an expert fencer; fights one or two duels a month.
  • Fisticuffs (Great): Often gets into fistfights, knife fights, and brawls.
  • Gambling (Great): Gambling is his primary source of income and fights.
  • Helmsmanship (Poor): Untrained.
  • Leadership (Poor+): Untrained, no inclination.
  • Marksmanship (Excellent): Five years of intense training with an expert pistolier; fights one or two duels a month.
  • Perception (Good): Accustomed to attending to details, looking over his shoulder.
  • Physique (Good): Years of fencing practice, duels and brawls have him in great physical shape.
  • Renown (Good): As "Edward the Red", has a reputation as a deadly duellist.
  • Social Graces (Good): Brought up as a gentleman.
  • Sorcery (Poor): No talent, no training, no inclination.
  • Stealth (Average+): Currently stalking the night, dealing vigilante justice to ruffians.
  • Tinkering (Poor): Untrained, no inclination.

Journal Entries Edit

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