Tales from the Hard Side ReLoaded What I always tell people in your situation, Life is sweet at first, like a stim-gum; and sooner or later you must spit it out, too.

Character Sheet Edit

Profile Edit

Name/Alias Drycon Gold
Lifestyle Underclass
Player Name HaraScon Metatype Human 25|
Sex male Total Karma 27 Current Karma
Street Cred 3 Notoriety 1 Public Awareness 0

Visuals Edit

Height 190 cm Weight 85 kg
Eyes grey Hair black
Handedness right Complexion caucasian

Attributes Edit

Body 4 Charisma 3 Edge 2 Curr. Edge
Agility 5 Intuition 3 Essence 6 Astral Init -
Reaction 4 Logic 4 Initiative 7 Matrix Init -
Strength 4 Willpower 4 Magic - Init Pass

Skills Edit

Active Skills Edit

Skill Name Rtg. Att. Skill Name Rtg. Att.
Athletics Skill Group S Close Combat G
Firearms Perception I
Pistols 5 A Longarms (Sniper Rifles) 5 (7) A
Infiltration 4 A Exotic Weapons (garotte/tie) 1 (3) G
Unarmed 4 G Martial Arts 6 G
Car Driving 1 Con 4
Disguise' 3 Dodge 3
Intimidation 3 Shadowing 3
Gymnastics 4 Perceptions 3

Knowledge Skills Edit

Skill Name Rtg. Att. Skill Name Rtg. Att.
L: English Nat. L Streetwise (local Power Brokers) 3 (4)
Security Systems 4 Organised Crime 3
Etiquette 2

Qualities + Flaws Edit

Quality Worth Type Quality Worth Type
Mild Addiction (StimGum) -5
Guts + 5
Mild Phobia (Flowers) - 5

Damage Tracks Edit

Physical Damage Track -1 -2 -3 -4
Stun Damage Track -1 -2 -3 -4

Contacts Edit

Contact Name Contact Mileau Loyalty Connection

Implants, Cyberware, Bioware Edit

Implant Rating Essence Notes

Weapons, Armor, Vehicles, Equipment Edit

Weapons, ranged Edit

Weapon Damage AP Mode RC Ammo

Weapons, melee Edit

Weapon Reach Damage Ammo

Armor Edit

Armor Ballistic Impact Notes

Vehicle Edit

Vehicle Handling Accel Speed
Pilot Body Armour Sensor

Commlink Edit

Response: System:
Firewall: Signal:

Equipment Edit

Name Legality Weight Notes

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