In His light we prevail.

Doom of Dagon (the coven´s name after Lordsholm)Edit

Part of the Deathwatch in the Jericho Reach stationed on the Watchfortress of Ericho the Coven Of Light tells the story of a band of Battle-Brothers united by fate. As their story unfolds their missions entangle with the machinations of illustrious Inquisition of the Calixis Sector.

Battle Brothers of the covenEdit

Player CharactersEdit

  • Rafael, Blood Angel, Assault Marine (3rd battle company, assault squad)
  • Arran, Ultramarine, Devastator Marine ( 3rd Battle Company, Tac. Squad Gavriel)
  • Makrodon, Dark Angel, Tactical Marine
  • Seraphan, Blood Angel, Apothecary Marine (Sanguinary Priest)
  • Nero, Blood Drinker, Tactical Marine (5th Battle Company, CCS)


Season One Sanction

  • 1 Final Sanction: In the sprawling City of Lordsholm on Agriworld Avalos near Hethgard the fires of rebellion have flared up and must be smothered by a Kill Team lest another world is lost to the Tyranids.
  • 2 Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood: Deep in the Chaos-reigned regions of the Jericho Reach there is a planet called Curaze. An operation led by the Holy Inquisition went awry. The mission of the Death Watch is to assess the situation and take the necessary steps to rescue the agents at least.

Coven Of The Foreboding FlameEdit

Battle Brothers of the covenEdit

Player CharactersEdit

  • Cenobian, Ultramarine, Librarian (4th Battle Company, Forward Sentry)
  • Astelan, Dark Angel, Assault Marine
  • Gilgoth, Dark Angel, Librarian


Player CharactersEdit

  • Isabell, Sister of the order of the Bloody Rose, Seraphim


Season One - 2 043 816 M41

  • 1 The Siren Call: Three battle-brothers were called to attention as a most unusual guest arrives on the Watchfortress. A signal was given that must be followed. And a voice unheard since the long watch was ordered sacrosanct echoes in the holy edifice.

Catalogue Of NamesEdit

Names of entities and things known or encountered by a variety of players.

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