Crushers are extremely formidible warriors. The typical crusher is usually a barbarian, often a fighter, and occasionally a monk. They are often chaotic. But the thing that separates crushers from other classes is their expertise with bludgeoning weapons. They are usually very strong, not known for the intellgence, and come from the combat school of, "I beat things until one of us is dead," but they are devastating in combat.

Hit die: d12.

Prerequisites: Improved sunder, weapon focus (any bludgeoning weapon), Str 16, Intimidate 8

Class skills: Climb, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Spot, Survival, Swim

Skill points: 2 + int mod per level

LevelBase Attack BonusFortRefWillSpecial
1+1+2+1+0Smash, rage 1/day
2+2+3+1+0DR 2->bludgeoning, dead weight
4+4+4+2+1DR 2->bludgeoning, rage 2/day
5+5+4+3+2Beat down

Smash: a crusher gains a bonus to attack and damage rolls against objects equal to his crusher level.

Rage: exactly the same as the barbarian ability. This number stacks with any other rages.

DR->bludgeoning: a crusher's familiarity with bludgeoning weapons allows him to shake off some damage from them.

Dead weight: a crusher gets a +4 bonus to resist bull rushes and overruns.

Bludgeon: a crusher may deal non-lethal damage equal to a regular crit without taking any penalties (for example, a crusher who typically deals 1d12 + 4 damage could deal 2d12 + 8 non-lethal damage).

Beat down: as a full-round action, a crusher may knock an opponent prone with a successful attack roll.

Note: none of the crusher abilities work (except for the DR) without wielding a bludgeoning weapon.