Bureau 13 | Kindred of Chicago

  • Lodin (Prince of Chicago)
(Influence: Police of Chicago)

  • Horatio Ballard (Business Advisor to Lodin)
(Influence: Industries and Business of Chicago)
(Influence: The Ballard Family)
  • Lawrence Ballard
(Influence: Lawyers and Law Companies)
(Law and Political Advisor to Horatio)
  • Alan Sovereign
(Influence: Business and Banking)
(Business Advisor to Horatio)
  • Jacob Schumpeter
(Some Influence: Chicago Board of Trade)
(Business Advisor to Horatio)

  • Capone (Criminal Advisor to Lodin)
(Influence: Organized Crime)
(Influence: Italian Mafia)
(Is rumored to have contacts to the Giovanni)

  • Tommy Hinds
(Influence: Labour Unions of Chicago)

  • Edgar Drummond
(Influence: Railroadsystems of Chicago)

  • Kevin Jackson
(Influence: The Bloods)
(Influence: Illegal Drug Market)

  • Joseph Peterson (Communications Advisor to Lodin)
(Influence: Media)

  • Bobby "The Hurrican" Weatherbottom
(IT-Advisor to Lodin)

  • Lorraine Wallace (Security Advisor to Lodin)
(Companion of Lodin)
(Rumored to be Clan Ventrue Security Advisor)

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