Her hair? Shoulder length, and brown. Her eyes? Green as grass. Her grace? Impeccable.

Amber stands 5'8" tall, and is thin of frame. She wears an outfit made to resemble leather cut with orichalcum -- however, it is but a cheaper metal suspended in a dye. She wears a slightly ragged sash around her neck, which drapes down over her shoulder. It too is of a bronze hue.

She wears a special bandoleer and case for her violin and bow on her back, making both of them quite easy to grab at a moment's notice. Her shoes are practical, but worn. On her hands are black leather fingerless gloves, clasped with bronze. Double earrings, one high and one low, are both crafted of gold, and are simple rings.

When she walks, she dances. When she speaks, she sings. She is no angel, but a glib tongue does serve her well.

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