Bhukas are desert goblins, gentler cousins to the northern variety. They believe that they were born from the earth itself, created by their goddess to watch over the surface world and spread Her wisdom to the savage races. If asked about the more vicious, subterranean-dwelling goblins of other lands, they reply that they are "not finished" yet, so they must stay underground. They are curious but wary of outsiders, and may observe travelers in their territory for extended periods before deciding to extend friendly or trade relations.



Bhukas are distinguished from other goblins by larger ears and a colorful neck frill, both of which they can flare or pull close to regulate their body temperature in the harsh desert. They have large, flat feet that allow them to skip and run across the sand without sinking, and slit-pupilled eyes that ward off the glare of the sun.


Bhukas speak Goblin and Desert Common.

Known TribesEdit



Bhuka wear simple but well-made clothing, and those who live near oases or the river may also keep goats for wool and milk. Shamans may adorn themselves with bright feathers, bone-beads, or clay pigments.



Notable BhukasEdit

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