Badlands dwarves are desert-dwelling cousins to hill dwarves, living in the Waste of Khaphtela. They are primarily raiders, their bandits converging on desert camps with the military precision of dwarves, but the ferocity of orcs or hobgoblins.


Dwarves have long been explorers, ever since the Orcstomp clan first conquered the surface. It should come as no surprise, then, that when the first dwarven ships arrived on the shores of pre-Scorching Khaphtela, they made their home in the fertile hills and mountains surrounding the lush basin.

However, when the Scorching hit, burning away the greenness of their new home, the dwarven settlers were struck as well, decimationg their population. It is said, in fact, that the surviving dwarves went insane in that moment, watching their brothers desiccated and their beautiful new home seared into a husk of its former self, right before their eyes. Calling themselves Badlands dwarves, they now roam the northwestern desert on the backs of their sandrunners, waylaying caravans for supplies and slaves. Fortunately they are not numerous because of the harsh conditions they live in, but these same conditions have ensured that only the strongest and meanest of them have survived for a number of generations.


Badlands dwarves are leaner and wirier than their northern cousins, with red, black or gray hair and a look of murderous desperation in their eyes.


Badlands dwarves speak their own dialect, a blend of Dwarvish and Khaphtelan Common.

Known ClansEdit

  • Badwater
  • Saltfire





Notable Badlands DwarvesEdit

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