The Amyul are an ancient and mysterious people in the fantasy campaign setting Emergalv created in 2002 by Avian Savara.

Known Facts Edit

Though little beyond speculation is truly know of the Amyul, they were the driving force behind the formation of the world's greatest civilisation. Everywhere they went they were worshipped as gods, leaving a trai mystery and wonder. It is known worldwide that they were shapeshifters and magicians, possessing incredible powers forbidden to the peoples they visited.

Other names Edit

  • Great Teachers (Farianvale)
  • Chonersi (Noerba, for "Change-makers")
  • Rashad (Nagled, for "The Giants")
  • Oedjelstrid (Insular Sejkian, for "Walkers")
  • Aedastorid (Central Sejkian, for "Giants")

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