A Matter of Fate:

A man is missing, a hunt is on and a bird forgets to fly...

Coming to you, soon. Requirements: at least 2 talented individuals with enlightened science background and junior associates with an Awareness Clearance Level of B+; as the operatives will likely face obstacles both from within the perimeters of reality and from beyond, broad qualifications in both mundane skills and enlightened sciences will be useful.

Dramatis Personae:

  • Smythee: - a man under pressure and with a mission
  • Godwin Samson: - a man who saw too much
  • Jarmaine Linsley: - a woman on the hunt for the truth
  • Richard Osley: - he knows everybody and anything
  • Lyliane Chen: - she knows Richard
  • Dyboc: - the progenitor of Fate
  • Claus Kappler: - Fate's maker
  • Susan Wesslin-Fate III: - she birthed Fate
  • Constance Faver: - she takes care of Fate's chosen
  • Daniel Mordon: - he is sick and tired of Fate
  • White Fox: - it was deviant and it was destroyed
  • Wilhelmina Kreuzer: - she does Fate's daily business

Preview: On the eve of an important intertraditional emergency meeting of the West US Pacific regional directorates, Smythee is confronted with disturbing reports of grave reality deviancies of an intensity unheart in the region since the victorious conquest of the last reality deviant stronghold 4 years ago. The epicenter seems to be the municipal psychiatric clinic "Wesslin-Fate Hospital" on the outskirts of West City. First (superficial) analysis of the reports received appear to lead to the conclusion that a "Marauder" entity might have manifested...emergency measures are required - especially in view of the lacking of adequate interventive forces on place...

However, time is running out and reality begins to fray.Who will stop the breaking of the dams, before they burst and the everlasting darkness pours in to blind the sleepers? Is it all a question of Fate ?

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